Vinka Opens Up On Her Dating Life.

Popular song bird, Vinka has opened up on her dating life, which for a long time has been in the mist with some fans even hinting that she is single.

Fans even speculated that Vinka may have dated Kent and Flosso, also musicians like herself.

However, whilst speaking in an interview with a local TV station, the slender singer clarified that she is not dating Kent or Flosso saying that she only did a collaboration with them and things ended there

"I’m not dating Kent, nor Flosso. In fact, I have taken quite long without meeting the two. However, they’re my good friends and our relationship ended on the collabo we had, period!" She said.

However, Vinka gave her fans a ray of hope when she said that she is seeing someone but refused adamantly to disclose further details claiming that the timing isn't yet right

"I am dating someone for now. When the time is right, maybe I will let the public know about him and also reveal his name and Identity. My relationship with him is all based on a beautiful future." She added.

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