Vision Group Employees Earlier Sent On Forced Leave Reportedly Face Axe.

Robert Kabushenga

Vision Group employees are currently facing job insecurities and fear for the worst after Robert Kabushenga, the company's C.E.O announced that employees who were sent on forced leave due to COVID -19 face the axe.

Earlier, the company forced some of it's employees into forced leave citing the hardship the COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the company into.

In an internal memo seen by this website, Kabushenga revealed that those on leave were to face the axe after consultations with the board

“You will recall that on May 8th, 2020 I notified you in writing that the company was experiencing significant challenges as a consequence of the Covid 19 Pandemic. In that memo I stated that among the planned measures was reductions in the wage bill through salary cuts, unpaid leave and any other measures. In response to the changed media industry circumstances, the company has been forced to rationalize its operations and change ways of working. As a result, a number of jobs and roles have been rendered redundant,” part   of statement read

It further states that "For this reason the Board at its meeting on June 25th decided to terminate the services of those whose jobs have been affected in this manner. The concerned staff will be informed on Monday by their respective Heads of Department. This decision was a difficult one to make but the current market circumstances are even more difficult and complex compounded by business uncertainty.”

“I will address a staff meeting on Monday where I will talk about the issues of salary cuts, unpaid leave and phased return to work on Monday,” Kabushenga's statement reads.

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