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Vivian Mutanda’s Mother Defends Bryan White, Lashes Out At Her Daughter.

The Bryan White saga is getting deeper and more interesting with many contradictions. The more recent one being Vivian Mutanda’s mother’s testament that the whole thing is just a drama in a theatre.

Vivian Mutanda and Stella Nandawula have been crucifying Bryan White on allegations of sexual harassment and torture. They further dragged White to Parliament hoping for compensation.

Stella Nandawula and Bryan White

I have never heard anything concerning Bryan White sleeping with my daughter,’’ Confessed Vivian’s mother.

She castigated her daughter for not financially upholding her whilst the money bags had been dishing out dimes to support her.

‘’…Vivian has never made any investment from all the money Bryan White paid her for the two years she spent at the podium. Why does Vivian come out at this time and why doesn’t she talk about the good side of Bryan…?’’ wondered the woman who had breastfed Vivian.

Vivian’s mother also sided with many that have interpreted the rape accusations as having germinated from Bryan White’s haters, seeking to pin him down on the grassroots.

‘In fact, I disagree with the allegations on different TV channels… These are just allegations set up by mafias who want to put White Bryan down’ she said.


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