Vyper Rankings Confesses His Feelings For Karole Kasita.

Musician Hyper Rankings has poured out his heart to songstress Karole Kasita.

In a social media post, Vyper revealed that his life is without meaning without Karole Kasita.

"This may sound cheesy but I believe you are great..." wrote Vyper. "... I wanted to buy you flowers but I thought they might get envious of your beauty. Life without you is just like a broken pencil. Pointless."

Karole Reacts.

The "nkuba yaka" hit maker also took to her socials to comment on this development, which has left her wondering IG true love exists. She revealed that Vyper once sat next to her but never pouted out his feelings.

"This guy once sat next to me end never pouted out his heart to me. True love still exists oba,. Bambi happy birthday @vyperrankingsmusic" Karole captioned the screenshot of Vyper confessing his feelings.

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