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Wakiso Giants Boss, Slay Queen Mbabazi In Bitter Split. 

A few months ago we unveiled a silent war that was raging on between Uganda Boxing Federation president Moses Muhangi and Uganda Cranes goalkeeper Benjamin Ochan, over comedian Grace Mbabazi.

The bickering forced the goalie to cancel plans he was harbouring of legalizing his relationship with the comedian.

Reports indicated that Ochan was maintaining a secret relationship with Mbabazi which had lasted two years when the Goalie was on a professional stint with Zambian team Kweyo Warrior. But Ochan ended the fling after he learnt that Mbabazi was also secretly involved with Muhangi.

But latest info reaching us reveals that there is another sex brawl involving Mbabazi and Wakiso Giants boss Musa Sebulime alias Atagenda, plus and a top city football coach.

Snoops intimate that Sebulime hooked Mbabazi a few months back and the two have been enjoying merrymaking until recently when they developed misunderstandings that are sending their secret fling onto the rocks.

Mbabazi and Sebulime are no longer on talking terms after she packed some of her things she had taken to his home on a cohabiting feasibility study.

We hear the Wakiso Giants Supremo has since stopped injecting cash in the city sexy slayer like he was doing a few months back.

Snoops say the two are feuding after counter-accusations of various misdemeanours during their secret affair.

It should be noted that Ochan withdrew his financial support when he learnt that Muhangi is always by her side. It is said that when Ochan withdrew, Muhangi pumped a lot of dime in her lifestyle.

So we are wondering whether the top coach will also pump in money after Sebulime withdrew his financial muscle too.

Mbabazi is a popular comedian who featured in most of the popular television comedy skits of ‘Don’t Mess with Kansiime’ by star comedienne Anne Kansiime.

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