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WAR; Alicia Bosschic And Bad Black Engrossed In Bitter Quarrel.

Socialites Bad Black and Alicia Bosschic have embarked on a social media war after the former accused Bad Black of harlotry.

The war was sparked off when Alicia Bosschic, during a local television interview claimed that people who practice prostitution are of the league of Bad Black. This did not go well with Bad Black despite her pride she has been expressing on the nature of her profession.

Bad Black

Bad Black then launched into a verbal confrontation branding Alicia an old woman who hides behind make up. She also accused Alicia of being a prostitute but in the pretence of being a good girl.

Alicia shot back, expressing her bravery in attacking Bad Black despite warnings from her fellows that she will be abused.

People have been telling me that ‘don’t talk about Bad Black’, ‘she will abuse and shame you’. but I am warning you, that habit of abusing people and they keep quiet will not work on me. I will not let you go away with it… its okay you can abuse Rita Kagwa, Bobi Wine and others who never respond but not me, I will give you level,” Alicia threatened.

Alicia Bosschic

Alicia further pointed out that Bad Black is about the same age as her mother but the manner in which she carries herself is morally demanding.

 “Bad Black you are as old as my mother, but you’re rotten and no one can respect you, you destroyed your image yourself. I can’t even be friends with you. You misguide young girls and tell them they can make good money through prostitution,” the Bosschic said

 “I did that interview and gave you as an example because you always say it live on the news. I thought you are proud of it because you always don’t shy away from calling yourself a prostitute.” She justified her actions.

Alicia Bosschic claims she is 23 years old and she is a reknown events hostess popularly known for her Tuesday events.

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