• Khinamura

WAR; Don Solo And Zahara Totto Trade Insults As Relationship Goes Downhill.

Social media has been awash with news of celebrated media personality, Zahara Totto breaking up with her boyfriend, Don Solo. Latest news however indicate that all is far from over as a war has erupted between the two ex love birds.

Whilst sharing several screenshots from her WhatsApp, Zahara exposed Don Solo as a fraud and even revealed how he is a cheat.

In a WhatsApo screenshot scrutinized by this website, Zahara is seen threatening to expose the girl that has been sleeping with her boyfriend. Don is seen giving her a go ahead but at the expense of her own life.

"It will be the end of you." Don is seen threatening.

The "anus" according to Zahara Totto brought a girl to Zahara's home while she was in Kalangala on purely business related issues. Zahara identified her as "Ann Luv" (Instagram user names)

Don Solomon however has kept his head up saying that he sl also expose Zahara's bad habits should he be invited any further.

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