We Supported You During The Boom Party Concert, Please Give Back To Your Fans, Fans Beg Cindy.

With this lock down, every individual is facing a rough time because every thing is being shut down therefore everyone is crying out for food.

Fans on social media have begged Cindy for food relief and some money during lock down the fact they supported her during her concert 'Boom Party' which was very successful.

One of Cindy's fans took to the comments section and begged her for some food since he is starving.

Cindy at boom party

"Baby cindy king herself ....we supported you during boom party...but our king....some support to ur fanz who are starving now....one luv, " he wrote.

However, the Boom party hit maker directed him to the area RDCs for food from the government.

"Please contact your area RDCs for food from the govt. It is the truth. There is food for the vulnerable poor like Mr Emmanuel Ongom here. They just need to go to the right place which is not here. It is the responsibility of the govt and your food is with your RDC.Bambi dont starve on my page for nothing, " she replied.

Some were disappointed by her reply saying that it was so silly of her to give her fan such a reply.

"what a silly reply from you cindy, i didn’t know that you are fake seriously, " fan replied.

However, many came to Cindy's defense saying that it is not her fault that there is a lock down because this has affected everyone regardless of who they are.

And the money that she made from her successful concert was all from her efforts.

It should be noted that Cindy Sanyu made history as the first woman to fill Lugogo Cricket Oval with thousands of revelers at her Boom party concert on 7th March 2020.

Cindy is today considered as one of Uganda's greatest female artist.

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