Weasel, Baby Mama In Bitter Feud again,  Weasel Planning To Settle With Sandra Teta. 

Going by word reaching us, Goodlyfe Crew surviving member Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel seems to be looking for a way of sending away his live-in baby mama Kassim Talia from his Makindye Neverland crib.

Snoops reveal that the two lovers are bickering again. For a long time, the two have been on and off, battling serious domestic squabbles. It is revealed that ever since he hooked another city slay queen, a Nyaru babe identified as Sandra Teta, life at his Makindye Kizungu home has never been the same again.

Weasle And Sandra

Sources say Talia is braving abusive the relationship coupled with domestic violence from the singer who has since turned her into a daily punching bag.

Some time back Weasel abandoned Talia in Makindye Kizungu, to stay at Sandra’s rented pad in Bunga. The singer had temporarily packed most of his items from their ‘Neverland’ Home and moved to Sandra’s pad.

This was the time he featured her in a video shoot titled 'Guwooma'.

We hear Weasel has been telling friends that he is soon settling down with her.

Insiders say that for the previous two months Talia has been living in the house alone but the singer would drop in once in a while to clear some bills and pick some of his items.

Weasel hooked Talia after a bitter break up with ex-lover and baby mama Samira Tumi.

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