Weasel Manizo Involved In Another Fight Scandal With Baby Mama.

Just days after Weasel was put on the spotlight for allegedly attacking and destroying producer Gordy's studio, the Goodlife musician has again surfaced on Ugandan airwaves, this time for allegedly beating up his wife, Talia Kassim.

In a video scrutinized by this website, Talia is seen moving out of their Makindye based residence with her children after a nasty fight with the  Good life singer..

Reports have it that Weasel beat up his wife with nasty kicks and punches forcing Talia to flee. However, the cause of this fight is yet to be known.

An eye witness however declined to release the videos of the fight, claiming he was barred by the singer's close friend.

It is worth nothing that it's not the first time the couple, who have three children together have fought violently. In past months, Talia has been complaining about the violence Weasel unleashes on her. She was advised by Jose Chameleone's wife Daniella to call it quits. She however maintained her stand and remained.

It should also be noted that Weasel's brother, Jose Chameleone has also been accused of assaulting Diggy Baur in his studio who threatened to sue him.

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