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Weasel Reveals The Number Of Children He Has.

Celebrated music legend, Weasel Manizo has over the years been in the spot light for allegedly fathering over fifty kids. He has however broken the silence on the topic and revealed how many kids he really  has.

In an interview,  the 'Thirty Two' collaborator said that his fallen music partner, Radio had more kids than him. He also revealed that he has only Four kids contrary to what the media reports.

He revealed that he chose to be seen as a father of many kids because he chose to leave it at that. He further said that most kids he posts are his relatives' and siblings' despite looking alike.

"By the way, I don’t have as many children as most people allege. It is just because people took it that way and make fun of it that’s why I also left it at that. Speaking truthfully, I have only four kids and Mowzey Radio had more kids than me though I will be adding more soon." He said.

"You know, when people see me posing in photos with my siblings children, they immediately conclude that those are my children as well yet it is not true at all. It is just because at our home we almost all look-alike."- he added.

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