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WEDDING BELLS; Cindy Sanyu And New Boyfriend Set To Walk Down The Aisle.

Months after parading to the world her boyfriend, a one, Atiku Okuyo Joe, who is an actor, film maker and photographer, musician Cindy Sanyu has revealed that her lover will only enter her house after legal marriage.

Cindy and her boyfriend

The fresh revelation left many wondering how a successful musician of the likes of Cindy could fall for an average man.

Cindy however remains unshaken and went ahead to reveal that after all marriage vows are taken, her boyfriend will be free to enter her house and build a family together.

Social Media whistle blowers have seen this as an insult to African culture which dictates that it is the woman to move into a man's house and not vice versa.

The King Herself went ahead to say that she is soon constructing a new mansion and hoped to establish a brand music label in Uganda.

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