Wema Sepetu Reveals How Diamond Platinumz Was Violent.

"I Wanted To Be Beaten By Him," Wema Sepetu Reveals How Diamond Platinumz Was Violent.

Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platinmz during their hey days

Tanzanian actress, Wema Sepetu has revealed how singer Diamond Platinumz mal treated her during their days together.

Although on the surface, fans saw the couple as alright and without any problems. It turns out however that behind the smiles and glamour, a heap of slaps and kicks lay covered.

Wema Sepetu revealed that the singer's beatings were vicious and unequaled. He would at times inflict scars on her but she liked it never the less.

"What I remember most is his stroke. It was dangerous but I wanted to be beaten by him because after beating me he would comfort and I could enjoy it,” Wema told a Tanzanian newspaper.

She also revealed that her relatives had noticed this but she deterred them from opening up to the media saying she loved every bit of it.

"One-day Nasib sent a text message to me and he was concerned about it. He hit me with a sharp tablet on my cheek, and then my brothers found out. They even gave it to the newspaper. But I told them I would like to be beaten by him so they let me. I liked it that’s it,” she narrated.

Despite all this, Diamond dumped her for her close friend but again re-united, then broke up again.

Diamond has dated a number of women across East Africa including Zari Hassan, Mobeto to mention but a few.

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