What Value Is This Young Boy? Tamale Mirundi Attacks Balaam Over Ashburg Katto.

Motor mouthed Tamale Mirundi, the senior Presidential Adviser on Media has attacked Balaam Barugahara questioning him how valuable Ashburg Katto, a renowned blogger is to the NRM.

Speaking on a local radio station, Mirundi said that NRM fanatics should not be jubilating over Ashburg Katto as the blogger will never be of any value to the National Resistance Movement.

“In Uganda, people spend a lot of time discussing useless issues from Bryan White now to this silly young boy Ashburg, who can not add any political mileage to NRM. Only fools can jubilate,” the Presidential Adviser said.

Mirundi pointed out that the new NRM convert may shift to FDC if offered more than what NRM has given him. He claimed that Ashburg can not be relied upon as he was unfaithful even to People Power.

"What value is this young boy? Who told Balaam that politics in Uganda is influenced by social media? What is his political value? Is he a chairperson of a district? Or a mayor? He crossed from People Power to NRM so what, those are irrelevant things which should not take people’s time and NRM must be careful with these people. Because already there were people doing what he has come to do and they have been royal, so how can you trust this one who has betrayed his side that promoted him. Who knew him before Bobi Wine? How sure are you that he won’t cross to FDC if he is promised more than what you gave him?" queried Tamale. Ashburg Katto, recently announced his official shift from his longtime friend's People Power to the ruling National Resistance Movement after Balaam helped him meet President Museveni. The President reportedly gave him five cows and agreed to fund his ghetto initiative that will see the revamp of ghetto areas.

He further accused H.E Bobi Wine, the People Power leader for being stingy and claimed that People Power is full of NRM moles.

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