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'When She Is Mad At You, Take Her To Bed,  Herbert Shonga Tips Fellow Men.

Celebrated socialite, Herbert Shonga has been generous enough to tip fellow men on how to handle their wives if they are mad at them.

The ex husband to Dorothy Shonga while posting on his social media advised men to never argue back at their wives in case they are angry at then as this will just add salt to a fresh injury.

According to him, whenever a wife is angry or mad at their her husband, the bedroom becomes a vital spot for conflict resolution. The husband must instead persuade the wife to the bedroom where the primary purpose of marriage or relationship is done without further ado.

"My fellow men, when such happens just carry her to the bedroom and get her clothes off. You will thank me later." He tipped.

Herbert is currently dating Sasha Brighton who it seems whenever she is mad has a taste of 'IT'

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