• Khinamura

'Who Can Waste 500M On You?' Alicia Bosschic Stings Bad Black Again.

Events hostess and digital influencer, Alicia Kembabazi alias Alicia Bosschic is back at it again, this time attacking socialite Bad Black over how much money she was really paid by Balaam for her Covid 19 advert.

Alicia Bosschic claims that Bad Black was paid 5 Millions as opposed to what she demanded from government, a whooping 500 Millions as payment of an advert sensitizing prostitutes on the novel corona virus.

Alicia, who has previously been at war with Bad Black over who is the real prostitute claimed that the box of cash which Bad Black claimed was full with cash totalling 500 Millions was too light that even a fool could know it was empty.

She said that her spies told her that Bad Black was given only 5 Millions.

“Who can waste sh500m on Bad Black yet many Ugandans are going hungry? When she dangled the box before press, it appeared too light. My sources have told me that there was only sh 5m in that box,” the gorgeous events hostess charged.

Alicia went ahead to sting Bad Black saying that she (Bad Black) will comeback to make noise demanding for more money.

"As long as she got enough to feed her children with meat, I guess she has no complaints. It was a mistake because the Bad Black I know will come back and make noise for more money” she prophesied.

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