Who Is Joel, Cindy's Fiance??

Social media woke up to shocking news of Cindy's engagement that got every one wondering who could have won the swingers heart.

Taking to her social media, dancehall singer Cinderella Sanyu alias the king her self confirmed that she got engaged on the 2.02.2020.

"So on the 2.02.2020, i said yes Be nice (and the footage is from the waitress so....), " she posted.

However, we have gathered some information about Cindy's fiance and here it is. Joel Okuyo Atiku is a film maker, actor, model, photographer as well as casting director.

He was once a lecturer at Uganda Christian University, he also appeared in Winnie Nwagi's video of 'Kibulamu'. Former Intern Counselor at TASO Uganda and a farmer. Joel lives in Uganda but he comes from Arua. He has always been seen taking pictures of Cindy during her shows.

The Boom party hit maker has not had a rosy relationship history since she parted ways with Spanish fiance Mario. It, however, seems that the ‘King Herself’ has found the love of her life.

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