Why Bad Black Was Not Paid Shs. 500 Million As She Claimed.

Was Bad Black Paid In Full 500 Millions?

Socialite Shanita Namuyimba alias Bad Black has been in the news over her demands for the government to pay her a whooping shs. 500 million for a COVID -19 advert she made.

The said advert persuades prostitutes to shun truck drivers as a measure to check on the spread of the novel corona virus.

Over the weekend, a video was published in which events promoter and President Museveni's close aide is seen handing over a box of cash to Bad Black.

The same video shows documents signed in which Bad Black consents to having received her money in full and demands no more the government.

However, the box of cash, this website has noticed is was carried lightly, something that raises eye grows whether it was 500 Million.

Another eye brow raiser is the fact that the documents signed bore no particular amount that was paid to Mama Jona.

Further more, after signing the said documents and receiving cash, Bad Black launched an offensive on People Power supporters.

Fans have also hinted that she was paid 10 million Uganda Shillings.

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