• Khinamura

Why Hassan Nduga Was Arrested!

Faded Kadongo Kamu singer Hassan Nduggawas yesterday arrested by Police from a shrine because of an unpaid debt of about 30 million Uganda Shillings and 2 million UGX worth rent.

Hassan Nduga, who just changed his name to Lubaalw Bamweyana had gone to the shrine in Masaka Lwego to ask the 'gods' to help him clear his debts.

He revealed that he had borrowed the money to organize his concert 'Term Agenda' in Kyotera and Sembabile.

“I left Kampala for Masaka because my landlord had given me a warning letter… Therefore I could not wait for him to evict me from the house like a fool, that’s why I left Kampala,” Hassan Nduga said.

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