• Khinamura

Why Tamale Mirundi Was Kicked Off TV.

Motor mouthed presidential adviser, Tamale Mirundi has been urged to reduce the tone he uses during his shows where he attacks several prominent people but his refusal has seen him kicked off set.

It has been revealed that NBS management decided to review Tamale Mirundi’s show dubbed ‘One on One with Tamale Mirundi’ after the motor mouth attacked the COVID-19 taskforce of embezzling funds.

Tamale revealed that a group of three people planned to sue him over defamation for a whooping sum of ten billion. However, Mirundi said that rather than backing down, he would rather battle the ‘Mafias’ in court since he has presentable evidence to the effect that the COVID task force is run by greed.

The proud catholic muganda claims that a group of people who he calls ‘Mafia’ are responsible for the sad development. It is the same clique that influenced his axing at State House as a spokesperson.

Tamale attacked NBS Management for allowing to be used by the mafia when he was informed that his show was to be reviewed as the station may lose a lot of money in court if they were sued.

It should be remembered that his shows at Top Radio have not been happening due to un explained reasons.

His show which is supposed to air on NBS Tuesday at 9:30 am has not happened. It should be noted that Tamale Mirundi’s style of straight talk is what endeared him to the public listeners.  

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