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Widows Start Mega Fight For Nyondo Pub Proprietor’s   Property Days After His Death.

A few days after the sadden demise of popular Kampala hangout Nyondo boss Vicent Kasumba; we have come to land on information that there is a bloody fight going on between the two windows of the late. A source revealed to us that, Esther Kawooya and two other women and the late children have started a new mega fight for the property of the late tycoon.

We have been reliably informed that Esther is the legally wedded wife of the late who later developed misunderstandings with her in laws in 2014 in the same time Kasumba was bedridden. In 2014, Police intervened in the family wrangle and Esther was told to calm down and take care of her ill husband. Until recently when the family buried Kasumba and serious wars started. Over the weekend, it was established that the family of the late Kasumba called upon whoever has children that belong to their late son should come out now.

Two women indentified as Zainah and Rita have since come up with different child claiming late Kasumba was their husband. They also claim that before his death he had allocated some property to them for the sake of the children. The same two women allege that Esther has been secretly fighting and threatening them never to get close to Kasumba and has since denied that her man ever sired children with them. A very close family member we talked to told us that, the meeting was called off until the lock down is over and fresh investigations take place. Vincent Kasumba, the proprietor of Nyondo Club, a popular bar and entertainment place at Najjanankumbi along Entebbe road has passed on. Kasumba who also owns several businesses and buildings in Kampala and Masaka died on Tuesday night. He had overcome a brain tumor that he was diagnosed with in 2013. He was in coma for a number of years but according to employees at the Entebbe road based entertainment spot; he later recuperated though he could not walk on his own and had to use a wheelchair. Kasumba had also developed difficulties with his speech caused by the brain tumor. He was the brother to Joseph Kiyimba, the proprietor of Ambiance discotheque.

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