Woman Behind Chameleon’s Troubles Exposed, Daniela Threatens To Divorce Again.

The Bible story of Adam, Eve and the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden clearly manifests how a Woman will always be the end of a man. Singer Jose Chameleon is currently in trouble with URA.

It has come to our knowledge that a Sudanese woman known as Achai Wiir is the revolution of Chameleon’s monster car problems. Two years back, a Sudanese businessman back here in Kampala connected the singer to tycoon Achai Away to perform at her beauty peagant in Sudan.

Achai as the second from the right

Deals were sealed and the rest was history, Chameleon traveled to Juba and finally met up with gorgeous Awiir. The first impression was nice. The two became friends. Awiir is a jolly and wealthy businesswoman dealing in food, beer and clothes at a large scale in Juba.


It has been revealed that while Chameleon was in a hotel in Juba, Awiir would hold closed meetings with him late in the night. It is no surprise that on the day he was returning back to the country, shockingly, wealthy Awiir announced that she has gifted Chameleon with a monster car. She then added that with her generosity, she will continue supporting African musicians.

Excited Chameleon abandoned the airplane ticket back to Entebbe and opted to drive the monster car. When the car stepped on Ugandan roads, dust and eyebrows were raised but Chameleon maintained silence.

Two years after, URA officials came out and revealed that the same car didn’t pay taxes despite being driven on Kampala roads. They claimed that Chameleon has been playing hide and seek games with it. And finally his 45 days of games lapsed and the car is currently impounded at URA officials with over ugx300m arrears in taxes.

Mean while, wife Daniela is not getting off speed dial and activating daily mbs demanding explanations from Chameleon. A source tells us that Daniella is upset and might quit marriage again.

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