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Ykee Benda Emerges Winner In The Race For Sheilah Nduhukire,  A Pass Left Nursing Wounds. 

Musician Ykee Benda is in high spirits after meeting his crush, NBS news anchor , Sheila Nduhukire during NBS TV's Katchup show on Friday and poured out his feelings.

The 'Superman' hit maker later ran to his social media posting. "Oh God! She waited for me to come through"

This sent waves of excitement through his social media in-laws, who knew that the TV presenter had finally accepted Ykee to be her rock. "Tomorrow, I am writing three songs-" the jubilant Ykee promised. "The best songs of my career. Wait for them." This further enthralled his fans. However, these news have left fellow singer, A Pass nursing wounds as he has been openly competing with Ykee for the love of Nduhukire It should be remembered that A Pass, days before Ykee's news had sworn to get what he wanted, lamenting over his failure to get a girlfriend. '

Will I even get a girlfriend?' A Pass was quoted lamenting. His fans were quick to console him. Singer Ykee Benda has recently been in love with Martha Kay, who she even sent a romantic birthday message. We wish the best for Ykee.

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