Ykee Benda Pleads To Museveni To Help Reduce Food Prices During Quarantine.

Musician Wycliffe Tugume popularly known as Ykee Benda has today begged the President if Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to set a directive to retailers and food vendors to lower prices of food within the 30 days quarantine.

Sharing a video on his Facebook page, the 'Farmer' hit maker, on behalf of all Ugandans who are not earning a coin within the 39 day lock down, appealed to the President to order for food prices to lower the fact that many are not getting a penny.

"Ever since we got this problem, many of our people are home not working,it’s very hard because all kids were sent back home in a time when their parents aren’t earning anything but it’s so disturbing that prices on things that are made here in Uganda have raised from the normal prices ,making it so difficult for many people to survive in such a time .Why ? Why in a time when people are not working, Mr President Kindly help us and say something about this , because if food isnt Imported then there’s no single reason for changing its prices.No reason for changing sugar,soap,salt prices yet they are made here .Please say something it because people will die even of not Corona .Let’s not be selfish guys. Think about others as u change prices. Don’t make more damages .


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