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You Are A Disappointment If...' Tina Fierce Speaks Out On Zahara Totto's Break Up.

Having been flushed out from Television trenches by Uganda Communication Commission, re known journalist and former Scoop on Scoop show host, Tina Fierce has resorted to trading her art on social media, commenting on several topics that are happening in Uganda.

While commenting on fellow gossip expert, Zahara Totto's recent break up with her Nigerian lover, Don Solo, Fierce expressed disappointment in her nemesis if she did not gain anything from dating the Sudanese looking Nigerian.

Zahara Totto nand Don Solomon

According to Tina, if Zahara Totto did not gain any material achievement from dating the Nigerian 'Fat Boy', she should be ashamed of herself for not being knowledgeable with the art of dating in this modern era where money and riches are  of extreme vitality.

‘’I swear Zahara if you don’t have a plot of land and a house plus many more other things, count yourself a disappointment to this so-called game of detoothing and all the hustles that come with it,” Tina stung the brown skinned MoMo Nyabo MC.

The motor mouthed Fierce journalist further advised Totto to vacate her mother's house as soon as yesterday so as to avoid being the laughing stock of her friends and social media commentators.

“Add on quitting your mother’s small house were you pack yourselves as sacks of beans,” she mocked.

Zahara is currently resting in the arms of her new boyfriend, Reuben Robert and the two are reportedly enjoying everything life had to offer.

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