• Khinamura

"You Belong In Rehab." Full Figure Stings Bad Black Over 500 Million. 

Presidential advisor, Full Figure has sided with the Government, recommending Bad Black for a mental check up.

Speaking in an interview, Full Figure pointed out that Bad Black is demanding ally of money for just a single advert, something which conjures doubts on her mental sanity.

Full Figure claimed that 500 million is too much to be dished out anyhow on a single person. It would rather be used to construct schools and others economic ventures.

"Bad Black has lost her mind. She needs to check into a rehabilitation center. How can she demand sh500m? That money is enough to build schools and hospitals. For a country with over 40 million people, why should sh500m be wasted on someone who is living in the past?”she said.

She further implored Shanitah Namuyimba to stick to the agreement which the Ministry claims was voluntary.

Recently, Bad Black issues an ultimatum to the government to pay her 500 million Uganda Shillings for dishonoring her COVID-19 advert deal. The ministry however insists she did it for free.

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