"You Betrayed My Trust"Angella Katatumba Cuts Off Communication With Daddy Andre.

Singer, producer and song writer Daddy Andre has been accused of sexual harassment by two upcoming musician, Nadia Rania and Jessica Pafra.

Reliable sources have confirmed to us that Angella and Andre are currently not on talking terms.

It has been said that when these musicians came out and exposed the famous Producers dirty character Angella did not pick his calls until now.

They say that he has been requesting to explain himself to her but Angella is not interested in whatever he has to say.

Her close friends say that Angella revealed to them that she is so heart broken because of the love she felt for Andre yet he has been cheating on her."He has betrayed my trust, " Angella told friends.

It should be noted that Angella confessed her romantic feelings for Daddy Andre by the end of the year 2019 and she revealed that they are happily dating.

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