"You Have Four Kids From Different Men, " Don Solo Blasts Zahara Totto.

Embattled gossip hawker and specialist, Zahara Totto's break up with boyfriend, Don Solomon has set social media handles aflame. Among other secrets, Don Solomon has revealed how Zahara Totto is an 'old woman'' with four children.

Don Solo further revealed that the worst part about it all, the four children are reportedly from four different men who the media has however failed to identify.

Don Solo further spilled secrets of how she is eight years older than him which makes her to be in her middle thirties. Whereas Don Solo is 28, Zahara is 36 years old. He wondered how an 'old woman should bother him so much.

He boasted of having got himself a twenty two year old beautiful girl, oniy identified as Queen Ann Luv and even was not afraid to show her off to the public.

Zahara, who trades her expertise on NBS Uncut show however fired back, calling him an anus, a graduated fraudster, and above all a cheat who is poaching other territories instead of settling down. She further claimed she is happy in a video shared on Snapchat with Sheilah Gashumba.

Below are the screenshots from Snapchat in which Don Solomon is seen spitting fire and secrets on Zahara Totto.

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