'You'll Pay Dearly',   Aziz Azion Warns Eddy Kenzo For Attacking Bobi Wine.

Faded musician, Aziz Azion has predicted doom for Edrisah Musuuza (Eddy Kenzo) describing how his music career will slope downhill

The past weekend saw social media atmosphere extremely tense after Eddy Kenzo accused Bobi Wine, a presidential hopeful of being extremely proud and lamented how the People Power movement leader blue ticked him on WhatsApp.

Aziz Azion was among those that took the liberty to comment on the whole saga. He pointed out now Eddy Kenzo will find it difficult succeeding in his music career should he continue attacking Bobi Wine over trivial issues.

"I said it but people thought I was jealousy of his success. He is always denying people whom he has used as ladders to kickstart his career. But his career might not recover after attacking Bobi Wine," Aziz said while appearing on a local television.

It should however be noted that Aziz Azion subscribes to Bobi Wine's National Unity Platform and had earlier accused Eddy Kenzo of being selfish. Aziz said that he introduced Eddy Kenzo to the music industry but neglected him as soon as he tasted the delicious soup of fame.

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