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You Must Be Richer Than 50 Cent And Donald Trump To Date Me – Alicia Bosschic.

Alicia Bosschic, a reknown digital influencer and events hostess has left her fans in shock as she elaborated the qualities of a man well suited to date her.

Alicia Bosschic.

The re known ‘Pinky Tuesday’ hostess explained that a man who is suited to date her must be in the ranks of American celebrities specifically 50 Cent, boxer Floyd

MayWeather and President Donald J Trump stand a chance of sharing a bed with her. He must be loaded since she has worked hard for her own money.

If you want to date me, you have to make sure that you’re loaded because I’ve worked for my own money.    In order for you to stand a chance of winning my heart, you must be certain that you’re richer than the likes of 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather, and maybe Donald Trump because he can be able to take me to State House.’ She revealed.

Alicia revealed these shocking revelations on NBS Uncut programme, something which lowered spirits in the hearts of men desiring to date her.

On suspicions that she is a harlot and in Bad Black’s league, Alicia denied being anything close to a prostitute. She explained that these suspicions were due to her love for revealing clothes.

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