You Need To Grow Up, Chameleon Hits Back At Bebe Cool.

Renown music Doctor Joseph mayanja commonly known as Jose chameleon has guns blazing towards Bebe cool for always being a child. In an interview with NBS uncut .the singer said Bebe cool needs to grow up and stop attacking every artist who tries to come up , this comes after several comments by Bebe seeming not to be giving credit to the current trending artists like King Saha, pallaso . "Bebe cool needs to be serious and understand that times keep changing, from past to present to future and as these changes keep coming trends set up too change and definitely new artists Keep arising,as leaders we r supposed to build,groom, and cherish the young generation not just stepping on them," he said. He added that for all the time he has known Bebe cool,he has not been a giver and neither has his music been sensible, according to him songs like kusi kusi, wire wire are bubble gum music. "All the time I have known Bebe cool,he has not been a giver,buh it's a good thing he has learned after receiving museveni money and some gifts like cars he can now brag of which he gave to people with in his management which only helps him, people like me have been doing this for years, wedded at 27,constructed when young so my class is way higher to begin debating with an artist who has just become some little rich after the museveni money"

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