You Never Knew Your Limits- Rema Responds To Pia Pounds.

Yesterday, we ran a story where upcoming singer Pia pounds verbally attacked fellow singer Rema Namakula Sebunya. Pia pounds claimed that Rema sabotaged her music career.

She blocked all efforts by Eddy Kenzo to support her music. In a phone interview with Rema, She told us that she never responds to cheap talk. However she informed us that Pia pounds was like her daughter and did enough to see her succeed at Big Talent.

She also pointed out that Pia Pounds has no right to comment about her private life. Rema suggests that Pia Pounds shouldn't have crossed her limits and that she had no right to interfere with her relationship with Kenzo whatsoever.

"First of all, i don't respond to cheap talk but Pia Pounds had no right to meddle with my private life and again, i was kind enough to let her stay at big talent despite rumors of her sleeping with Kenzo," Rema.

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