"You’re A Recycled Polythene Bag", Nakazibwe Tells Sheila Gashumba.

Her latest victim is socialite Sheila Gashumba. Over the weekend, Sheila Gashumba shockingly appeared on NBS TV, a rival station with NTV.

Sheilah at NBS TV

To many, it was a surprise considering that Sheila worked with NTV and later exposed them for paying its staff poorly. The conversation went viral online.

Farida reveals that Sheila’s appearance on NBS TV is not a surprise to her because she is faded

No one is surprised to see her appearing as guest at the Kamwokya based station. She brings nothing new to the game. She is like a recycled polythene bag," Faridah Nakazibwe said this shortly after Sheilah Gashumba appeared for #NBSSNL party on Saturday.

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