You’re Broke And Useless, Alicia Attacks Sheila Gashumba As She Donates Ugx25M To Gov’t For Covid-19

Socialite Alicia BossChic is at it again. Information coming in reveals that the gorgeous wealthy socialite has joined the rest of Ugandans to donate to Covid 19 pandemic crack down.

Today morning she stormed the offices of Prime Minister and handed over Ugx25m in cash. She has joined the list of good kind hearted Ugandans.

Like any celebrity that loves to create tension, she used the same opportunity to attack fellow socialites and branded them broke and useless.

In an exclusive interview with this website, Alicia says;

Yes I have my money. For many years back, I have toiled for it on my own. So as a star, I feel so bad when my fellow socialites like Zari, Badblack, Sheila Gashumba and rest who show money on social media and splash in bars cant even donate ugx1m to save Ugandans who are suffering with hunger because of this deadly disease. As always I do my things away from camera, I have decided to donate ugx25m to the government. At least it will do some help,” she stated.

However, she said that the security at Prime ministers office could not let her take pictures.

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