• Khinamura

Zahara Toto Reportedly Thumps Boyfriend.

NBS TV's Zahara Totto has been reported to have thumped his Indian Lover Reuben Robert.

Reports indicate that these two faught due to Zahara's connection with her ex sugar daddy known as Don Solo.

It is said that Reuben hit his head hard on the floor and his condition was very worrying.

He was later discharged from hospital last week on Sunday.

"Part of his head is bandaged which indicates that he fell hard., " source said.

Reliable sources revealed that Reuben was immediately rushed to hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Zahara and Reuben's relationship has been on and off. It is said that the two were planning to settle with each other and plan their future together.

Sources traveled that Zahara has been secretly meeting with ex sugar daddy which angered Reuben hence the fight.

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