Zahara Totto Has Never Impressed Me, Urban TV’s Tina fierce Likens Zahara Totto To A Rubbish Pit.

After their show on Saturday night, NBS TV crew has been cruelly attacked by social media hooligans due to their usage of the phrase ‘All Lives Matter’

The recent victim of these attacks is NBS Lugambo machinery, Zahara Totto. She has been attackedA by Urban TV’s Tina fierce who lamented that Zahara is one of the worst things that ever happened to Ugandan entertainment platforms.

Tina attacked Zahara saying that her shows are clad with fake content and she was sure that Totto was the master brain behind the ‘All Lives Matter’ usage on Saturday Night. Tina claimed Zahara is widely uninformed of world affairs and likened her to a rubbish pit.

"You can’t bring a rubbish pit to present a show and expect to receive quality. Zahara Totto has never impressed me since she joined the industry and I can state she is the one behind all that crap," Tina said during her Scoop on Scoop show that she hosts on Monday.

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