• Khinamura

Zahara Totto Moves On, Shares Romantic Pictures With New Boyfriend.

A photo making rounds on several social media platforms depicts gossip expert, Zahara Totto in a French kiss moment with a one, Reuben Robert who has been for years been suspected to be a secret lover to the motor mouthed slay queen.

The photo, shared on Snapchat has dished out the obvious message that Zahara has already moved on, only days after bitterly breaking up with Don Solomon, her now Nigerian ex.

Angry at the sudden fall out that took social media by storm, Zahara exposed Don as a fraudster and a cheat who can not settle with one woman. She accused him of dating her only for the money and fame. Things went worse to worst when she found him with a slay queen in her own house, prompting her to call it quits.

While some women could take months or even years to move on after a break up, Zahara surprised her social media in laws when she moved on after just a few days. The photo (below) shows her kissing Reuben Robert.

Reliable sources intimate to this website how Reuben Robert has been with Zahara for over five years as a secret boyfriend. He is apparently well off, having several shares in a top betting company and is the boss of The University of Pain (A fitness company). Check out the photos below.

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