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Zahara Totto Opens Up About Her Misunderstandings With Annatalia Oze.

Reknown Lugambo machinery, Zahara Tottto has trashed allegations that she has misunderstandings with her co NBS Uncut presenter, Annatalia Oze.

Reports have been circulating that the gossip queen was at loggerheads with Annatalia with whom she has been working for a long time.

This was because Zahara has not been presenting the UNCUT program with Annatalia for two weeks, rather they present independently with Annatalia sometimes being helped by Lord Kaiyz.

Zahara Totto and Annatalia

However, Zahara Totto has dismissed the rumours that she has beef with Annatalia and management is working on ways to resolve them saying that such reports are false propaganda aimed at unscrupulous deeds.

Fans can now rest assured that the lugambo queens will sooner or later start working together.

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