Zahara Totto Parades New 13th Lover.

All indications show that TV star Zahara Toto, who hosts a celebrity gossip program known as ‘Uncut’ on NBS TV, is not about to settle for less. Latest reports reveal that Zahara has landed a new man only identified as Robert Reuben.

Close sources  to Twendii reveal the new lover Reuben is currently enjoying all the good things she used to offer to the Nigerian dude only identified as Tony Taban Sluleman alias Papa Don Solo, whom she dumped a few months ago.

The Nigerian boyfriend bought a BMW car for Zahara Toto when they were still in love and later they broke up after she realized that his wallets had dried up.

Zahara Totto And Don Solo

It is reported that Zahara dumped Don Solo due to chocking debts that had accumulated from different bars. To add salt in the wound, the car that he had gifted her with was impounded by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) operatives after discovering that it was stolen from DRC.

That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back and Zahara ended the affair. However just after a month she hooked this new dude Rauben.

Zahara and Rauben have started enjoying life and recently they spent Valentine's week on holiday in Mombasa. Reuben and Zahara recently made an appearance at La Paronis, where they were seen smooching openly and could not get hands off each other.

Meanwhile reports also reveal that the dumped Don Solo has been going around telling all and sundry that he will teach the new lovers a lesson they will never forget. But we hear Toto and Rauben have not been fazed by the threats and are only focusing on enjoying each other.

 We have learnt that Rauben flew out with several members of his team including his driver, cook and Askari. According to sources, the vacation is to appreciate them for their work.

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