Zahara Totto’s Dirty Dealings With Bryan White Leak.

Embattled faded socialite, Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White and his woes are far from inseparable as several girls pin him on accusations of sexual harassment and torture.

Fresh news have it that  NBS TV’s Zahara Tottomay be behind the money bag's woes.

The Bryan White foundation C.E.O has been accused by several girls most of whom are his former employees. The first was Stella Nandawula who accused the faded socialite of torture, sexual harassment and forceful abortion. Another girl, Vivian Mutanda followed her and accused the socialite of similar acts of insensitivity.

The two victims have dragged Bryan to the Parliamentary Committee On Human Rights. Bad Black, another socialite revealed that the same Bryan White used to ‘feast’ on her after which he would pay several millions through cheques signed by Bryan White’s secretaries. (Vivian Mutanda and Stella Nandawula). Another girl, Leticia Nabulime, claims she was 17 at the time Bryan White molested her.

Fresh news however have it that Zahara Totto who now hosts the NBS UNCUT Kalakata with Anatalia Oze is the one intentionally interviewing all these girls so as to expose and get back at Bryan White who, back in 2018 is said to have sexually used the TV presenter but later dumped her like a hot groundnut.

In the middle of 2018, it is said that Zahara got very intimate with the then loaded socialite and she would pay him unofficial frequent visits at his home. She would see him either in his office or house where she spent several hours before leaving jovially.

Zahara Totto and Bryan White at his home in Buziga

The socialite however lost interest in Totto and dumped her. He closed both his wallet and ‘missile’ on her, something that made her furious. These claims supplement Bryan White’s claims, in one of his live videos that Zahara Totto is being used by mafias to frame him.

He claimed that he had been paying the socialite whenever she ran broke and paraded a receipt of Uganda Shillings 400,000. Insiders however believe the TV presenter pocketed more than that during her hey days at the Bryan White Foundation.

It is therefore suspected that Zahara Totto is on her revenge mission by parading a number of Bryan White’s sexual victims. The oscillate however defends himself that his victims were well paid for their services.

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