Zahara Totto's Ex-Lover Survives Shs450m Robbery. 

Having learnt that Zahara Totto's Ex- Nigerian boyfriend identified as Tony Taban Suleman aka Papa Don Solo, whom she dumped a few months ago, withdrew Shs450M from the bank, his former best friend and assistant George Mugabo allegedly tipped off a gang of robbers to break into his home to steal the money. Reports reveal that four robbers led by Mugabo were arrested as they tried to break into Don Solomon's residence to steal the safe after getting information that the mystery big spender had withdrawn Shs450M.

However, it is said that the Askari (Private Guard) caught the suspects, held them at gunpoint until police reached the scene and drove them off to their station. We have established that the group is currently held at Jinja Road Police Station. Mugabo was Don Solomon's ex-best friend and Personal Assistant but the two reportedly split bitterly due to money-related issues.

It is said that since he knew all his former Boss' moves, Mugabo gathered a gang of robbers including Mechanics to do the job. Unfortunately, they failed.

The Nigerian boyfriend bought a BMW car for Zahara when they were still in love and later they broke up after she realized that his wallet had dried up.

It was reported that Zahara dumped Don Solo due to choking debts that had accumulated from different bars.

Some weeks back Don Solo was reported to have secretly fled to Nairobi, Kenya, after accumulating huge debts in Uganda.

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