• Khinamura

Zahara Totto's New Boyfriend Treats Her To A Vacation To Cure Her Broken Heart.

NBS tv's Zahara Totto's new boyfriend Reuben Roberts treated her to a mini vacation in Kabala over the weekend so as to cure her depression over her recent breakup with Nigerian Boyfriend Don Solomon Ogwa.

Reuben Robert and Zahara Totto's relationship has been on and off therefore this is not the first time they're dating, Infact online inlaws call him her backup boyfriend.

It should be noted that days after Don Solo dumped Zahara and chased her out of his house, she ran back to Reuben and also decided to move in with him in Luzira the fact that she had no where to go.

Over the weekend, the two took a vacation to Kabale Western Uganda. They have been sharing pictures and videos sharing romantic moments on social media.

Checkout the pictures below;

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