Zahara Totto Threatens To Leak Nudes Of Sluts Stalking Her New Boyfriend. 

Re known gossip expert, Zahara Totto has cautioned all 'sluts' that are bothering her man, Reuben Robert by sending him nudes in an attempt to lure him away from her.

Immediately after breaking up with her Nigerian ex, Don Solomon, Zahara immediately flew into Reuben Robert's arms where she is apparently enjoying all life has to offer to the extent of being taken on 'vacey' by Reuben.

Only days after declaring their relationship public, Zahara Totto has revealed how she has unlimited access to Reuben's phone and knows everyone who is trying to woo him by sending him their nudes.

Totto went on to reveal how Reuben is not interested in any of the girls sending him the nudes and is irked by their constant bothering.

"Been with Reuben for 8 years now our relationship is is exceptional. He is so disgusted by your nudes plz stop tormenting my man with your urgly nudes. Any message or picture you send in our phones, I am going to expose you Tulibakowu!!" Zahara threatened awhile posting on social media.

The two have been reportedly together for eight years with Reuben acting as her on and off boyfriend untill recently, when Zahara broke up with Don Solo.

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