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Zari Hassan Proudly Talks About Her Real Age.

Days after penning down a heart reaching eulogy for her late husband, Ivan Ssemwanga, South Africa based Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan has blasted critics over her social media usage.

Critics have of recent been crucifying the socialite over her posts on social media. They argued that the Boss Lady is old enough, having birthed five children and should now quit social media, The socialite was quick to fire back at her critics claiming that although she is making forty years in September this year and has five children to her womb, she still looks much younger than most people who claim to be in their twenties.

‘I am making forty years in September this year. I look much younger than you who claim you’re in your 20’s. You can’t actually sit next to me because people might think you are older than me just because of your looks…’ Zari boasted.

Zari and her five kids

The Boss Lady went on to say that she has been through a lot but still looks much better than most youngsters who haven’t yet experienced the ugly vagaries people go through in life.

"‘…I have been through a lot but I look much better than you who haven’t hustled through life yet," said  Diamond Platinum’s ex. She attacked her critics and advised them to unfollow her if they feel bad about her posts on social media.

"….if you feel disgusted by what I post on social media, just unfollow me because I am not leaving social media anytime soon,: Zari added. Zari the Boss lady is currently 39 years of age with five children. She is a widow of the late Ivan Ssemwanga who succumbed to a heart attack in 2017.

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