Zari, King Bae Split Rumor Deepens.

South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan is so sad and blue  because of the  heartache she is currently enduring  due to love squabbles between her and Toyboy lover Danny Karls alias King Bae.

Reports indicate that King Bae and Zari had developed misunderstandings in their love life, which have seen them keep distance from each other for the time being. King Bae is so distanced from Zari and even during this year’s Valentine’s Day he did not show up.

Besides that, whereas Zari was last year telling all and sundry about her impending wedding with King Bae, she has since poured cold water on such talks and prefers to treat the much-talked about wedding like a missed call. 

Although Zari in the past used to flood her social media platforms with pictures of her and King Bae romancing, she has since deleted all her snaps with him from all her social media accounts.   

Snoops reveal that Zari has since resorted to partying solo or with fellow babes and recently she leaked very mouthwatering pictures in which she is seen flaunting her soupy booty. Dressed in a blue bikini, Zari, who is a mother of five, is seen wobbling her booty around in a swimming pool.

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